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14 October 2008 @ 11:11 am
Challenge #07 & Mods Post  
Accourding to the poll and your comments here. A few things will change.

* For the time being the challenges will last two weeks long.So, you will have more time to enter.
* I will give you more caps to use.All entries must still be posted in one seperate post.
* From time to time we will have diffrent themes.Like character challenges or promo stills or episode challenges.
* Also,I put up a suggestion post. If you have any ideas for future challenges, you can post them here.

Let's go on with a new challenge. :)

Challenge 07: Season 03 Episode Stills

- Icons must conform to LJ standards: 100x100 (or smaller) and under 40KB.
- The icons you submit must be made especially for the challenge; don't use or post the icons anywhere publically until voting is over.
- When submitting your icon, be sure to post the icons and the URLs.
- Please enter all your entries in ONE seperate post.
- Comments are always welcome on the makers work.
- Use the challenge number as subject line. Example: #01
- Use only the provided images.
- You may enter up to 3 (three) icons.
- Questions? Check out the userinfo.
- You have until October, 26th sunday noon CET to post your entries.

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